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February 4, 2019

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Who's Next III: Bang (Side A) & Chill (Side B)

December 10, 2018

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Who's Next III: Bang (Side A) & Chill (Side B)

December 10, 2018


“Who’s Next” is a series of playlists I started to really give artists a chance to be seen by a broader audience. The last one dropped in July and I apologize for being gone so long, however when I asked for submissions a while back I got bombarded by over 150 submissions….and I went through every single one.


The end result is a two sided playlist with two different feels to it. I’ve always been a fan of the underground scene and the boom bap, jazzy sound. Over the year though my taste has expanded so I tried to encompass both spectrums of my favorite sounds in this. Side A is 13 tracks of banging, hard in your trunk hip-hop, featuring cuts from Ish Williams, a change in sound and approach from Detroit’s Nolan the Ninja, the same can be said for Martyr Thompson as well. I tried to include more hypnotic & romantic tunes as well from Renee Gardner, Saturn, Alexander and others. Side B is more of the chill side, grab a blunt, turn out the light and let the sounds of Ohbliv, GrandAce, D2X and so much more guide you through the end of the year.

I hope you enjoy the playlist, there will be many more in 2019. If you’d like to submit for the playlist you can send tracks to sto@stothelastpublicist.com make sure the subject line includes “Who’s Next Submission”. Also give me a follow on Twitter, I do a lot more.

"Who's Next III" Tracklist

Side A: Bang

1. Ish Williams: "1 Thing" feat. Matty Moonshine & Miles Chancellor

2. Tori Helene: "Straight Fuckin'"

3. Nolan the Ninja: "Numb" 

4. Geno Five: "We the Crew"

5. Truthcity: "Trap Music In My Uber" 

6. Joe Ayinde: "Hello" 

7. Martyr Thompson: "Till Infinity" 

8. Renee Gardener: "Come Together" 

9. Saturn, Alexander: "Atonement" w/ Cicero

10. Angelo Mota: "Better Than Breakfast" 

11. Tracy Lamont: "The Vibe" feat. C. Shreve the Professor & Konvo

12. Grand Khai: "Everybody" 

Side B: Chill


1. Ohbliv: "94 Bubble Jacket With the GoreTex" 

2. Kenzie Tarantino: "Red Daze" 

3. Michael Manasseh: "Deconstruction" 

4. Theory Hazit" Modern Marvels (Idiot Version) feat. Scribbling Idiots 

5. Grandace: "Comet" 

6. Devin Burgess: "Glimpse" feat. JayBee Lamahj

7. Dom Deshawn: "Keep That" feat. Joey Aich

8. Zaay: "Free"

9. Yons: "Inspiration" feat. 1200 & Jordan Jetson

10. Illsamar: "Gotham" 

11. Yahweh: "Arcadia" 

12. D. Lanham: "The Beauty of Dying With Comrades" 

13. Jus O: "Thankful" 

14. Prince Wiser: "So Good" feat. Mada

15. Troof Music: "I Got Flava" feat. Dee-1

16. Ackurate: "The Righteous Soul" 

17. Student 1: "Yin/Yang" feat. Tierra Whack

18. D2X: "Nineteen Ninety-Seven" 





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