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February 4, 2019

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December 10, 2018

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Michell Clark: "Keep It 100" [Book Review]

February 15, 2019


One thing I’m really trying to stay committed to this year is reading more actual books. We’re so distracted by screens at this point that I’ve let reading take a backseat. My friend Michell Clark  (currently on Twitter as "pitch deck papi") wrote and released a book last year called “Keep It 100”. Now be patient with me, this is my first book review but I hope to keep writing them throughout the year to keep myself consistent on a reading and writing front. Let’s jump in.

Michell Clark has been writing for as long as I can remember whether it was his previous site Artistic Manifesto, to now sending out potent newsletters and running his own site. It was really only a matter of time before he stepped into the ring of writing a book. I don’t like throwing this book into a specific genre so I’m going to say that it’s inspirational and passionate.

“Keep It 100” is 100 short passages filled with humor and advice for the millenial. Obviously the advice isn’t specific to millenials anyone can take advice like “Trying to please everyone is a trap” or “Don’t lose yourself in the pursuit of cool”. 100 entries filled with tips to get you through the day, your struggles and the numerous perils life brings to the table. Sometimes books like this don’t do much for me because the author seems to be talking down to you or expecting the human experience to not affect how you move. Instead Michell brings his experiences, mistakes and lessons to the table to show that this is all part of the process. It’s ok to feel down and to take a break if you need, Michell challenges us to take care of ourselves and then taking care of the business we were destined to.


There’s no specific way to read this book either, with 100 entries you could read 1 a day, or read a couple every day, hell I read a few pages while I was waiting in line for my Skyline Coneys a few weekends ago. Another thing I did while reading through is fold the pages I know I would need in the future. We all get distracted, we all lose focus, take a few losses, being able to open “Keep It 100” and not only have an author that gives advice, but one that has gone through and sympathizes with the struggle is so important. In an age of social media facades, it’s refreshing and invigorating to read a book so honest in its execution.


Whether you’re going through something difficult right now or you’re feeling drained from the society around you or maybe everything’s going according to plan, Michell’s “Keep It 100” is a book for the ages. “Keep It 100” is accessible, passionate and written for people of ages and walks of life. Don’t miss out on this MUST READ.

You can buy "Keep It 100" on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

You can catch up with Michell on Twitter, Instagram or His Website


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