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February 4, 2019

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December 10, 2018

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Sto's Most Anticipated Games 2018-19

August 23, 2018

Last month I scooped Sonic Mania Plus (definitely worth it by the way) and in doing some planning I’ve realized there sooo many games coming out. Over the course of the next six months there are numerous blockbusters and indie titles coming to a plethora systems. Today I wanted to cover my most anticipated games of these next six months. Let me know what you think and please tweet at me (@BigSto) with your most anticipated games.

NBA 2K19

Yup, I honestly get more and more embarrassed to have NBA 2K on my anticipated games list as we progress….or should I say regress. NBA 2K18 was a massive disappointment last year, even in looking at some of the press for NBA 2K19, 2K is deadass coming out and saying not only was 18 a broken game, but a game they apparently couldn’t fix.


I’m not going to front, I’m falling for some of the 2K sweet talk this year. It sounds like they’re making some changes and opening up single player modes like MyLeague and MyGM to have more customizable options. MyTeam sounds like it has a lot of potential, which I couldn’t say for last year at all. All of this said, these last two years I’ve gotten hype for 2K only to let down later in the year. One of the keys to success this year will be 2K’s ability to provide consistent content throughout the season. I’ve already pre-ordered the 20th Anniversary Edition (they put Lebron on the cover ok? I didn’t have a choice….2K knew what they were doing) and you’ll be hearing a more detailed overview of last year’s game here soon.


Edit: as i'm editing this, 2K dropped a full gameplay video featuring the Warriors and the Lakers...I'll embed it here below, let me know what you think. Peace to Chris Smoove. 



Disgaea 1 Complete


Some of you may have no idea what Disgaea is and those same people might not know that it’s a popular SRPG (Strategy Role Playing Game) series that’s dropped its 5th installment. Disgaea debuted in 2003 and if I can compare it to anything, it would be Final Fantasy Tactics on steroids. With tons of character options and classes, a seemingly infinite amount of gameplay as characters can be leveled up all the way to 9,999. In most cases this wouldn’t mean much because who wants to be that overpowered, but the thing that makes Disgaea so great that if (and that's a big IF, there are various grinding options if you want to get to that point though) you reach that top level there’s still a challenge to be had in the game.


This October NIS plans to release a Disgaea 1 Complete, a remaster of the 2003 debut. Truthfully not much has been revealed, but as someone who didn’t get to play the original (my first Disgaea game was the second for the PS2), I’m excited to see a remastered game. I scooped the Collector’s Edition for this one too, ripe with Soundtrack, an artbook and a bunch of other goodies. Depending on how things go, I may do an unboxing of this.


If you're even remotely interested in RPGs or Disgaea check out this video from YellowNintendo giving you a hand on where to start, it can definitely be an overwhelming first jump. 


Smash Bros Ultimate


This one is self-explanatory but I’ll explain it anyway. Soon we’ll be getting the 5th installment of the critically acclaimed Smash Bros series. At this point, I’m kind of convinced that this will be the last Smash Bros game (or at least the last one Sakurai will be a part of) and it sounds like we’re getting more than we asked for.


Every single character coming back. Over 100 stages. The additions of characters like Dark Samus, Ridley, King K Rool and more. Giving us more game modes than ever before and we don’t even know what the DLC is going to look like. This truly will be the Ultimate Smash Bros game.


If you haven't seen the latest Smash Bros. Direct, you can peep it here. 



Resident Evil 2 Remake


So growing up in a Black household, violent horrific video games with swearing were a big no no (and rightfully so), but now your boy is 27 years old. I’m not big on horror games, because I’m a wuss


I’ve never played a Resident Evil game, I’ve watched a few playthroughs, but watching the demo of this remake being played sold me immediately. What I loved about Dead Space was that it wasn’t just about jumpscares, there was a good story being told and sometimes the gameplay just messed with your mental. RE2 Remake is evoking those feels with STUNNING graphics. I’m hype to jump in my first RE game in January.

 Kingdom Hearts 3



Let me set the stage for you real quick. Kingdom Hearts 2 came out in December of 2005. I had just turned 15 and was a Freshman in high school. HIGH SCHOOL NIGGA. Kingdom Hearts 2 improved on a lot of what didn’t work in the original. Faster and more badass gameplay, more worlds the list goes on. You gotta understand growing up on Kingdom Hearts that was really the first game that gave me hardcore feels in terms of a story.


Here we are 15 DAMN years later and it sounds like we’re finally getting the third installment on the series. Thankfully too much hasn’t been spoiled, we’ve got some insane new worlds announced like Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Frozen, Tangled and more. To be frank I won’t believe this game exists until I’m playing, but the prospect of playing this in January has me extremely hype.


You can check out the Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer below. 




Honorable Mentions:


Dragon Quest XI
PES 2019

Super Mario Party

Warframe (Switch)

Spyro Remastered


What are some of your favorite games? Let me know in the comments or tweet at me @BigSto...and I'm out. 


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