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February 4, 2019

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December 10, 2018

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Misconceptions Artists Have About Their Journey To Success (Pt. 1)

June 15, 2017

So you’ve decided to become an artist. Sweet, let’s hop in the studio, scoop a couple beats off Youtube, drop it on 4/20 as a surprise album Beyonce style. BOOM. Article over, that’s how you succeed as an artist.

Now obviously that’s not how it goes, but there are a good portion of artists who believe there’s a calculated formula to “blowing up”. This along many other misconceptions will be covered in this series. I have no idea how many parts this will be, because there truly is a lot to cover. Here’s Part 1.

Myth: PR is all about “blog placements” & getting signed

True, we can help with blog placements but our job exceeds that. Publicists have a vast amount of knowledge on topics not just within hip-hop but within music marketing and the industry. This leads a bit into my point in saying that you don’t NEED certain blog placements to succeed, more on that later. Publicists are able to cover a lot of ground outside strictly releasing the music. We also give advice on album rollout campaigns, organically growing your social media, booking shows, GENUINE networking and so much more.

Working with us doesn’t guarantee a signing with a label either. I mean come on people…


Myth: Complex Will Blow Up Your Rap Career


Complex, The Fader, XXL, HipHopDX most likely won't cause your career to explode. I get that question from artists more than any other. Let’s walk through it real quick.

If you are a new and struggling artist (as the majority of us are) releasing your first project to the masses, unless you already have a decent buzz, you’re most likely not getting posted on these bigger publications. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s unlikely. But let’s say they were to post your track, if people don’t know who you are yet, there’s really no reason for them to click on your track. The name of a publication can only carry you so far, if you don’t have the foundation of fans or buzz to back it up, that Complex post will do nothing to push you forward.


This is gonna sting a bit: put your ego aside, get yourself some real fans and then, plot twist watch Complex and others come after you instead. 


MYTH: Success Happens Overnight


Success doesn’t happen overnight. Success doesn’t happen in a week, a month, a year, three years. Some of you are reading this to genuinely learn and progress, however some of y’all are reading this looking for a shortcut, looking for a way to skip a couple steps. STOP IT. Right now, get that out of your head and get to work. Period. Quit chasing these publications and get back to writing.

Understand that success is a journey. Kendrick didn’t explode off his first project (you probably haven’t heard it to be honest), Chance didn’t blow up til “Acid Rap” and it took both of those artists years to get to that point.


I’m not here to mince words family. There will be songs you create that people don’t like, there will be times you perform for less people than you’d like, you’ll put out projects that don’t do well. Some of your peers will seemingly excel past you, family, friends, relationship partners will turn their back or doubt, others will expect instant success. All of that is part of the journey as an artist, if you really want to be one. It takes more than Twitter, it takes more than talking a big game, it’s working through the times when no one is listening and supporting.


However you’ll realize when you put your head to the grindstone and focus on your craft and focus learning the process, that you’ll go places far beyond some of the publications and fake fame that I see so many artists attempt to pursue.


Let's get after it. Joel Embiid always says "trust the process" and I suggest you do the same. 




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